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Creating, managing and marketing an effective website for your business can be real headache. Many businesses never get round to it and those who do often don't get what they really needed. We deal with many of the issues outlined below on a day to day basis and are happy to offer guidance where at all possible. The IRUN team are available Monday to Friday on 01865 920003, alternatively please drop us an email or complete the form and we'll get to to you as soon as we can.

Be Clear About Your Business Objectives

Business Plan

You have to start here. Unless your business opportunity is understood any spend on marketing is at best 'a punt'. If you are clear on your customer segmentation and why they would buy from you - fantastic! I need some help with this.

Website Objectives

Your website should be your best ever salesperson. It should have very clear objectives which can be measured and directly linked to the overall business performance. Maybe it not just about increasing sales, your website can help significantly reduce adminstration with your day to day operations. I need some help with this.

Creating Your Website

Your requirements should be clear

Being sure of your requirements is essential to getting the results you desire. This is about how the site should work from your visitors perspective within your own market. You could be charged for doing this, but no-one knows your business better than you. Create your ideal 'wishlist' and the great thing about the web is that you can always 'bolt-on' functionality later. If you don't need an Ecommerce site on day one - why pay for it? I need help with specifying my website.

Misplaced investment

Your website is an investment not a cost. Even if you have a 'budget' think very carefully, not just about the site but also how you are going to support and maintain it after launch. Also your spec may require additional work at a later date.I need help with creating an investment plan for my online marketing.

The wrong technology

Do you really care which technology platform is being used to create you site? You ought to. The majority of platforms will deliver the core requirements of a basic brochure site, but will they be able to accommodate your future needs? You should ensure your site is full supported and portable - the great supplier relationship you have today may not be there in 12 months time. I need help understanding the different types of platform available.

Not choosing the right partner

The 'web' is a massively complex business, from your point of view it should 'just work'. Is it reasonable to expect your provider to know 'everything about everything'. What you need is a 'partner' who will try that little bit harder to find the right answers, and work with you to deliver the best solutions for your business. With so many enticing 'low cost' applications on the market finding the right partner can be tricky.  I need help find the right partner.

How important is design

Is 'good enough' really 'good enough' - well in most cases it might be. We have seen many instances where the design discussion loses sight of the business objectives. Think about your target audience - what do they expect? Think about your competitors - how would you want to compare? This may lead into the development of a new logo, corporate identity, print material, exhibition stands etc. I need guidance on my design budget.

Make sure it does what it should

Your website will never be 'finished'. But your visitors will expect to perform the tasks you have suggested to them. Can they order and purchase a product, download a brochure, contact you via email or instant chat? Visitors are unlikely to complain to you, they are more likely to simply place their business elsewhere. How do I test that my website is working properly?

To sell... or not to sell online

We have seen a number of busineses be persuaded to 'open up online'. Without assessing the market needs it could be a very costly mistake. Unless you have a truely niche product or service proposition why would you try to enter a market dominated by very strong competitors? You also need to operationally gear up to manage the distribution of products (and the returns...). Can you help me understand my Ecommerce options?

Track your performance

Many businesses still have no idea how their website (and other online marketing initatives) are performing. Google analytics is (currently) free, so why not use it? Big Brother may be watching, but this information is essential as you plan your marketing activities. There is a wealth of insight available, the key is knowing where to look and not taking too long over it. Can you help me with performance tracking on my website?

Reaching out and staying in touch

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Where to start? It has to be the key words (or key phrases) used by your target market. (Don't make the mistake of assuming that your customers use the same terminology that you use within your business). Then it's the content, as long as its highly relevant and regularly updated you will see results on the search engines. Surely its not that simple, I need to know more.

Email Marketing

To send out emails you need a list. Don't buy a list - those people haven't 'opted' to be contacted by you and you could lose them forever. The frequency and tone of your communication has to be relevant to your market and the services you offer.  'Daily updates' might be ok, in other markets it may be seasonally. The key thing is to make sure you are engaging your clients and prospects. Can you give me some guidance on email marketing.

Not asking for feedback

What is the easiest and most effective way to generate new business? Referral and recommendation. Unless you have a structured process in place it will never happen. Not only does the feedback provide a rich source of highly relevant content for your website and social media, it also generates new business with existing clients and their business contacts. Please give me an idea on how to generate more referrals.

Social Media

How much time should be spent working on your 'social media'? As much as is required to generate the results outlined in your business plan. Social Media is highlly effective in certain markets and a complete drain on resources in others. By understanding your customers you will get to recognise the information they need and how best to get it to them. Should I become 'more social?

Pay Per Click Advertising

Well managed campaigns can prove highly profitable. An initial piece of research can help assess whether 'Pay Per Click' is likely to work for your business. The flexibility offered in configuring the ad campaigns mean they can be a very useful tool for testing and measuring the likely performance of selected key words and phrases. This can feed back into your 'organic SEO'. I need to know more about PPC advertising.

Your not on the list...

Is your business properly listed the plethora of maps and directories? Many of these offer free listings which not only enhance you web presence but can also provide valuable links back to your website. Do a search and then click on maps, are you there? Should you be? Check out what your nearest competitors are doing an you can get a real insight of how you can leverage your good and services online. I'd like to be on the map.

Protect Your Business Online

Protect your domain

Many businesses do not hold full control of their domain name. Not only does this impact on your website, but potentially on the provision of emails. We have seen a number of cases where a business has been unable to properly manage their business due to domain ownership issues. Make sure your domain is registered in your company name. I need help to sort out my domain name / emails.

Look after your passwords

As a business who really has control of your account with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Domain Registrars, Emails providers etc. People move jobs and businesses on a daily basis and often unintentially leave their previous employers with a real headache. Make sure the access to your essential online services are held at a business level, not reliant on specific individuals. If you have been 'locked out' we may be able to help.

Don't be a copycat

It doesn't necessarily have to be original.... but you do need to ensure you have the rights to use the content you put onto your website. The freedom 'content management' allows means it is all too easy to 'borrow' images and content from around the web. Most genuine owners will take a very dim view of this and legal letters will follow. Ensure you have the necessary checks in place before content is made live on your website. I need some help with my website content.

If you need to... Comply

In certain markets there is a need for 'compliance'. You really do need to ensure your website content is 'fit for purpose' Can you help me with website compliance.

How we can help

Weekly Workshops

Our workshops are delivered in 'real-time' by a 'real person' and are free to attend. Covering 7 key topics and delivered every Thursday morning at 10am. A 30 minute time investment could make all the difference. If we can't answer your questions, we'll try and find someone who can. Topics include; website building, website marketing, social media, customer feedback, search engine optimisation and website analytics.I'd like to know more about the workshop you run.

Happy just to have a chat

By all means just give us a call or send us an email (which ever you prefer). IRUN provide many of the services outlined here but our business development background means we are often called on simply to give advice and guidance. It might be that we do develop a longer term partnership but we are always happy to offer the advice. What you choose to next is entirely up to you. I'd like to know more, please give me a call.