Losing control of domain name

Yes another business having problems accesing their domain name. Not sure why the existing web developer is making it so difficult. As it's a we advised then to contact Nominet, as long as they can prove ownership (which they can) then the process shoujld be pretty straight forward.

Lesson learnt: Make sure your domains are registered under your name (and you retain access to the control panels).

Why should we worry about website design

Surely its fairly obvious that the people searching simply want to get to highly relevant and fresh content in the easiest way possible. Sometimes 'design' just gets in the way of this happening.

Lesson Learnt: Design is important (more important in some markets) but don't get carried away.

Email configuration issues

Configuring emails can be an absolute pain, POP, IMAP etc. etc. Something which was working 5 minutes ago is no longer and you haven't changed anything.

Lesson learnt: With so much flexibility in email provision, make sure its working for you, not against you!

Can I have some more (content)...please!!

It's a constant battle to get content. I can think of 2 projects where we have been waiting for content for over 12 months - in both cases we got the work because we commited to delivering to a deadline which passed at least 6 months ago. In both case the website which is wating to go live is much much better than the current 'live website'. So why the wait? It's not like signing off a piece of print - a website should be contantly evolving with fresh and relevant content. The issue is the business owner cant find the time to deliver the final 5-10% which will make their site 'perfect'.

Sticking to the knitting

Just been spekaing to another business owner.... same story. He wants to concentrate on what he's good at, not doing battle with the likes of BT about the control of his website and domain name. At least it a which means if we get really stuck Nominet can help.